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Guidelines book

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Guidelines to the System

A collection of photographs, diagrams, text, and a short story by Craigie Horsfield.

There are three sections in the book:

I – ‘Landmarks’ is a series of clinical photographs of a woman’s torso being measured using the guidelines of a pattern cutter.

II – ‘August 1990’. The text by Craigie Horsfield has no direct reference to the constructed images, but alludes to how experiences, memories and events become redefined when reconstructed, either through writing or image making.

III – The photographs of pins, needles, cloth and thread scissors in the ‘Pathways’ section are more poetic and mysterious.

Printed in offset litho with a series of duotone images, presented in a pillar binding made from pattern cutting board, with a stitched and folded spine. The cover incorporates a chalk white blocking.


48 pages; dimensions: 220mm x 170mm

Published by BOOKWORKS 1991
EDITION OF 500 | Price: £25 (check Bookworks site) | ISBN 1 870699 04 1